Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kennet Quest part 8

I only had time for a 2 hr session before work on Weds morning.... floatfished bread as usual

Town centre & Recreation ground swims : no fish - a few plucks didnt connect - only small silverfish

Carp park swim : 1 roach again lots of action from silvers

Comments : I talked to a local old boy who was fishing and he said this free stretch had been hammered by the polish since they came to town - there was big fish but none showing in big numbers (when they are caught they are taken for the pot).

Not sure how much it is true - but for me after hitting good fish on my first sessions i no longer get anything but silvers... good for the future but its putting me off making time for the extra sessions i usually do.

i may have to re-think this one!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Local Canal Pike

A lot has been written about rivers/canals losing their ability to produce good catches and more recently AT columnists stating "there back"

The truth is when a place gets fished to death or sees big numbers of cormorants etc the water will decline - sometimes drastically - then when left alone for a few years the fish stocks will return.

My local canal is for me getting worse each year - i still see too many fishers of all type for it not to get its rest - i went piking for 2 hours on Sunday - first session my dad has been able to do for a month due to illness and there were bivvy boys, kids and all sorts throwing a line.

We didnt expect more nor did we get anything on 1 float fished dead lamprey and 1 spinning rod. I have done piked fish this canal since last Jan, when i got the below fish - a 7lber

I hear stories of big girls coming out to 30lb but only ever had them to 9lb from this water - i do think the stretches near me are passed their sell by date - for now!!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Kennet Quest part 7

Last week - After cancelling a mid week trip to the Wye at the 11th hour i had to have a quick attempt on the Town centre stretch with heavy barbel gear and large halibuts - to no avail - i went back this week with the usual soft rod and float fished bread approach.

Weds morn 2 hrs
Town Centre swim 1 hr - slow with just 1 bream to 1.5lb
Car park - 1 hr - blank

Weds evening 1 hr - torrential rain
Car park - a few bites but blank

Comments - i am getting it all wrong lately - Thurs a.m before work was lovely and i spent it in bed (lazy) after getting drenched on the weds eve - i decided with wet cloths i would forget Thurs morn - wrong move.....

I havent got into any decent fish since my first couple of visits