Friday, March 30, 2012

Fishing around Manchester

Well in the last 2 months i have only managed to get out for 2-3 hours every 2-3 weeks,

I have had a couple of session on the Irwell behind Granada, weather was bad, rain cold and no bites,

I have tried Drinkies for the first time and guess what - it rained and i went lite, no brolly, soaked to the skin and i missed the only bit on worm.... Dad on mags and not a bite - 2 days before in the sun he was watching hundreds of roach and minnows attach bread he threw in.... go figure

With the SalfordFriendlyAnglers Match on the Rochdale canal this week we gave it a go for 3 hours last weeked - great to see a fish........ took about 1 hour to get them going but dad had a few silvers on maggott. I was on bread or worm.....

when i went for my customary new water walk around guess what...... dad was into a decent perch on my rod, damn.... he lost it near the net.

Well at least we saw fish

The wife is away this weekend for her 50th so Dad and i will be giving the canal a go for 3 hrs then Drinkies or the quays from 4 till dark.

Then Sun we will be at the match early just to pleasure fish as i have to be back for my wife at 11am.

Looking forward to seeing some fish banked!!!!

And in local Manc waters.....