Saturday, April 28, 2012

My first Fishing Match in over 25 years

I am attending the Salford Friendly Anglers match on Sunday on the Rochdale canal and i am really looking forward to it

Not because i think i have any chance whatsoever of winning but because i am very competitive and while all my fishing with my dad is pleasure fishing - come wanna be Speci hunter -  we did do a few local matches when dad was a bus driver and his work had a fishing club.
I was 15 then and i recall even winning one on Leeds,Liverpool canal with a few bits and an eel / another bloke would have won but his big eel got through a hole in his net!!!

Anyway i was at the first SFA match on the canal 4weeks ago but couldnt do the match so pleasure fished for a few hours before all arrived and stayed to say hello - i could tell by my lack of action it would be a difficult match won with tiddlers on very small weights

so not owning a pole since a carp took it for a swim on a Reading lake and not liking it anyway . very efficient but just not my style - i know i will not win tiddler bashing on 22 hooks on squatts - so i have to look at bigger baits, more groundbait going in to give a carpet and the hope the tench and bream are on the feed,

Regardless of the outcome it will be a good laugh and will raise money for fish to stock the waters - and for me it will give me 5 hours of focus - something i never give when pleasure fishing / so being totally focused on not missing at bite. changing my feeding patterns, bait presentation etc etc is something a lazy pleasure angler sometimes do not do....

oh and a well done to the lads who got on the fish at Drinkies - i have fished it 3 times for 2 hrs a time and always had a few bites on bigger baits but again pleasure fishing i have missed them while doing something else.... but good tench a carp and pike - well testement to their hard work - i cant wait to get on it in mid week

until then..... i have to fish this match...