Tuesday, February 26, 2013

IT Came from..... Peg 55

Well after posting notice of my intending 2013 targets from Salford Waters i decided to hit the Irwell in seach of my first fish.

First cast with a sardine as bait on two single hooks i was into a fish that could have pushed the target weight close when the trace seperated from the swivel.... damn, i had tied it the night before and maybe i had not added the glue to compliment the twist and burn i use to secure the wire.

With optimism high taking the "run" on the first cast from a Irwell swim that had done a 20lber to a lucky fellow in previous years i was hoping to re-hook the pike and de-hook it and break my record,

Well, 3 * 2-3 hours sessions later, 1 short chub session a mile or so down stream into Broughton and 2 short sessions on Old River accounted for no action, except.....

this bloody umbrella, when i thought i was in.......

must have been there a while because it was totally covered in silt/crap, and blood worm(or joker wouldnt know the difference) but it had a new style connector, the plastic screw type not the metal ones of yester-year.

I managed to recover 2 spinners and traces from the umbrella and they were totally black with the silt,

Disapointed not to get a repeat take on the Irwell even after putting in some free offerings before i left each time, Old river, well its fished hard on the 2 matches, but i was hoping for dad to get a livebait,

I find it outfishes deads 5-1 on the Old river. Absolutely no sign of the perch on my second worm/prawn rod,

Next time i am at the waters edge will be early March so unless i read a change in Old river fortunes then i may be time to give Drinkies an early season "whirl"