Sunday, May 20, 2012

6 Month blank is finally over

Well its been a while since i put a fish on the bank - nearly six months to be exect.

Ok i often fish hard waters and only for 2-3 hours a time and yes i target bigger fish with bigger baits but how long was this bad run going to last i thought!!!

2-3 piking session on the Quays in Nov - nothng for me but dad has some perch

3 sessions on Irwell saw me blanking and dad hit into a great Sea trout
3or 4 blanks on Drinkies in early march - but i did miss a couple of good bites, weather always terrible and dad had  nothing on mags also, but not all in vein seeing the youngsters learning how to spin....

2 sessions in poor weather on Rochdale canal saw me with nothing and dad with a few bits on mags
1 session on Irwell old course - worst fishing on there for a while saw dad with a few and ´me well, a blank

then finally....

a quick 2 hour session on Drinkies and dad was into perch from the off, he also lost a very good bream.... but me , well just as we were packing up.... my first bite, yesssssssss i am in on worm and corn cocktail, after a good little fight a 3lb tench was in the net - guess what for the first time i left my camera at home, so only got a pic from my phone which at the moment i cant send via mms or download,.,,,

but at least i caught..