Friday, July 29, 2011

Oulton Broad visit

At the last minute my wife wanted a quite few days away - i managed to persuade her to go to the broads - Oulton Broad to be precise.

I had read the big bream start to come in from down the river to spawn and fishing can be excellent around July time,

I only managed about 8 hours fishing in total.

Day1 -poor weather, raining all day so i plummed a spot in 7ft of water some 25yrds out and balled in 30 balls of vitalin,pellet corn and groundbait

24hrs later i was on for a 3hr session at 6am - fished corn/bread on the float - surprising not a bite

Day3 - after listening to locals i succumbed to the local advice and bought mags - alternating between the baited spot (now with a further 15balls) and rod tip under the boats in the boatyard

All i can say for the silver fisherman - bite a chuck, perch, roach and skimmers

I did put maggots on the spot 25yrds out and took better fish on skimmers half to a pound

I did put a pike out on live bait - again after local advice as the spinning was not returning a run

There was stories of very big fish caught in the small area between the boar yards upto 35lb

Lots of jacks - i had a livebait out for about 1 hour and after persevering with my planned tactics and finally a run, usual pike run, fish panicked, float went under, i gave it a couple of seconds(dont like to give them a chance of deep hooking - i would rather loose a few) and wound down and strike - nothing - i managed to pull the hooks out

I was using only 1 treble on a trace i made and the pike must have still had the bait side on and i hooked the roach in the lip - so pulled it straight out of its mouth - i will never now if it was a jack or a big girl.

All in all it never fished well for me and the bream were not in the broad en mass - but it has great potential for a fishing holiday

I cant wait to get back and give it a real attach

Saturday, July 9, 2011

back on the clock

Well after a few sessions i am enjoying my fishing again - but not putting too many on the bank

My last few sessions on the Quays have not paid dividends - i have had the tench hoovering up my feed but not taking my bait

i have changed my line, presentation and hooklink to anteres in 3lb but still no joy, float laying on 6 inch - i can even see the bait its that clear in the spot i fish

anyway at least my dad and grandson have been getting the fish on worm bread and maggotts

sorry dad about your head - its the fish that counts

out again sunday if i can stay off the beer saturday night