Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Its been a while since i last blogged, partly because my fishing has been restricted since sept and partly because i need a usb lead for mobile phone camera to download the pics and i keep putting off buying one.

In general my session from Sept - Nov have been:

3 short sessions at the WDAA stretch of the Ribble : No beasts to note, some chublets, a stoneloach or is it a bullhead, i cant remember which is which (on 3 mags) and a few trout around a 1lb,

Blackleach - in desperation i fancied a piking session, quick 3 hours no sign of fish, too much weed (mid Oct)

Birkacre (Oct) - desperate for one last attach at the bream, with mild weather i decided to give it a go, the place was full of pikers - looks like this place is off my pike venue list, far too much pressure, Any a few roach aside, no bream.

I have been suffering from a lack of enthusiasm lately - i think Manchesterfishinfiend latest post shows you dont know what really is happening under the surface and with skill, perseverance and a little luck anything is possible - as i lack the first i will focus on the last two and see what happens.