Monday, July 26, 2010

more of the same

Last weeks fishing.
A quick few hours on the Kennet saw me take the usual chublet/roach - with no whackers showing on the town centre stretch - bread was the bait (as usual).

Another attempt at the Birkacre tench sunday morning saw me hit 1 for 5plus - the odd thing was the action on the spare float rod, dad and i chucked it out with maggot on and saw constant action.
We gave it about 1hrs attention out of the 4 hrs fishing and i think we got about 10 roach/perch/skimmers between us.
probably the last time i visit Birkacre this year - one for next year - one young lad i spoke to had a red letter day this season, of 30+ tench in a session, - so they are there -waiting for me.
Next week will see my Ribble @ Elston campaign get underway!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Variety is the spice of life

Its the same with fishing :

After a couple of frustrating sessions at Birkacre where bad luck and (bad) skills cost me good fish i wanted to sample some fun!!!

Middlebrook - a quick session to fellow bloggers fav little stream with my grandson soon saw him into the roach/perch/trout on maggot using a 5 ft woolworth type rod great fun to see him smile.

Birkacre - then its is back on the clock, a quick 3hr session saw me with two fish on the bank, not the best session, but enough to keep me humgry for more and for the moment its keeping me away from the Ribble.

Kennet Town Centre - saw me attach it for 1.5hrs after work, small roach and a fair chub were all i could muster, had the predators taken all the better fish? whoknows,

Friday, July 2, 2010

its a great sport but it can be frustrating

i have done a couple 0f short sessions lately and however well you do (or dont) you always think

if only - hindsight eh?


A two hour session on bread saw me anticipating a few pulls from the resident small carp that were protrolling the surface but in 2 hrs i had 3 quick bites all bream around 12 oz

I visited the lake on sunday 13th with the intent to follow the fish - light tackle and rod saw me fish the bottom end where most of the fish especially carp were showing.
After a disasterous start losing a rig / float caused by a duck (and a concerning moment until the duck got free) i decided to but the float away and use the method & feed bread.
although i had to wait for bites - probably 1 per 45 mins i managed to hook 5 tench in the 4 hrs - the sizes well who knows but on 4lb hook length and a light kevler feeder rod with thick weed in front of me (i didnt know this when i brought very light gear) i was totally bullied by the tench through the weed.
I lost all but one in the weed - was any big fish - i dont know but i couldnt stop the runs, the one i did kited to the left and i managed to get it through a channel - its weighed £5lb+

god know what the others would have been

Dad had a stronger rod but spent 3 hours failing on maggot before switching to bread and missing a couple of pulls before hitting a 5lber.(main picture).

I was mega frustrated at not taking advantage of the tench feeding - i have had to wait 2 weeks (on hols) to get back ,
i will be there on the soon - come on the tench