Friday, June 11, 2010

WELL DONE DAD - great tench

I decided to go back as soon as possible as I was hoping to get into the bream again - so we ended up going on the tues for 3 hrs - same peg same tactics
It was a lovely evening and I was surprised we struggled for bites - I had 2 and hit the first fish within 20 mins of getting my float fished bread in the water - a lovely tench of 6lb graced my net.

Again the weekend came and i was struggling with a cold but I managed to get myself out of bed at first light and off to Birkacre - this time we moved around the lake - I wanted to target the margin tench but needed to get towards the main body of the lake hoping to intercept the bream.
With my dad and myself feeder/method fished corn/meat to the far side with little success - the only bite before the sun started to beat down was on the shared float rod on the nearside margin on bread again - dad then went on bread and fished the near side and spent 2 hours missing a few bites - I was convinced these were roach.
I brought my feeder rod in only to hit resistance - I thought that’s it I am snagged - a little tlc saw me free it and wow a lovely 4.12 bream
I then decided to have a got on the nearside float rod - dad was missing a couple of bites on this and his feeder both on the bread.
I missed a bite and immediately put fresh bread on and sent it straight out - and the float went straight down - I was desperate to hit the bite and prove to my dad he was missing fast roach bites when I was into something a bit bigger - a lovely 4lb bream came to the surface and my dad was getting mad by know.

on his very last cast he got another bite and well he finally struck into a fish - it roared off - a great fight saw us slip the net under a lovely 6lb tench.(main picture)
What a way to finish - well done dad
Maybe if you would have hit all those bites you would have bagged up on tench - who knows