Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bank Holiday Blanking on Blackleach

I think it was Martin Bowler of AT that said a blank was all part of the journey to the next good catch (or something like that) - well after this weekend i have mixed feelings on this!!!
For those who dont fish BLACKLEACH its situated in Walkden just off Hilltop road - the country park has lots of dog walkers etc - the fishing itself is restricted to the pegs - the non fishing area is the conservation area - which is where the wildlife congregate - its also a silty area so the Carp and bream spend most of their lives there - only the nomadic tench and silvers get about the lake.

There are some real whackers reported: pike to 30lb, tench 12lb, i have seen bream to 7lb in big shoals, perch to 4lb roach 2lb+ and eels to 6lb (i did see a dead oen about 4lb).

Saturday on Blackleach
Another 4 hours at 5.30am resulted in no tench (was gonna be a 6 hr trip but cut it short to get back early for browny points) - got to Blackleach in my favourite swim and set up 2 rods on the method / alarms, made about 6 casts in each peg with a combo of vitalin, scalded halibut, corn and crumb.

Made sure i wasnt on the weed and kept it as accurate as possible - my dad was on the float in about 10ft of water some 20 yrds out - feeding corn/bread and hemp,

All angles covered i thought.

I got a few bleeps on the alarm - probably liners - good to see some fish moving but not near my bait.
I took a walk to see other fishermen (8 in total a blackleach record) - one guy i would call a "pleasure angler" - no fancy gear - feeder rod in the air as if he was fishing a river and feeding groundbait/caster - he had missed a wrencher of a bite- i spoke to him for 10 mins sharing experiences and he showed me a couple of fish he caught the day the before on his camera and said his pb at Blackleach was 11lber.

Until that conversation again i thought i was beaten by Blackleach - but this just spurred me on - fishing what a leveller - just when you thing you know a place and in this case a hard water that never throws out too many tench but they are big!!! then.... you talk to a guy who gets results without doing anything more than you are doing - hows that for an incentive....

So was it just a bad day for feeding, was i in the wrong peg (doesnt matter how good you are if fish are not feeding in front of you) or was i using the wrong tactics? the exploration continues

but for now i thought i would share with you some of the catches i have had on this water.

pls keep the comments coming
until next time

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hello and Welcome to my Blogsite - as this is my first ever blog i thought i would tell you more about my fishing exploits and the kind of things to expect in the future.

I have fished since i was a kid but only took up the sport seriously since my early 30's (now 37) when i hung up my football boots.

I would describe myself as a wanabe specimen hunter (but i am not into carp at the moment anyway) - but as i only ever fish in 3-4 hour windows my chance of maximising my big fish catches is somewhat reduced - but god loves a trier.

And to compound things even more i tend to choose to fish more difficult waters - over the next few blogs i will share with you my experiences on some of the local waters in the Manchester area, Bridgewater Canal, Blackleach Res, Salford Quays, River Irwell.

As my job takes me around the UK from time to time i will also share my exploits from on the road - at present i am working around Newbury so i have a Reading DAA card.

I am not sure what drives me to get up a 4am - some say its the hunter gatherer instinct or maybe its the chess game of finding the right swin, tactics and bait or is it just a case of enjoying the surroundings in peace - or all of these.

I like to fish on the float, feeder and alarms but not really tried fly fishing - i would say lure fishing has definately grown on me over the last six months and a few hours after pike/perch has certainly been a plus point on the Kennet & Avon Canal where i have had perch to 3lb.

I am certainly not an expert - but always in search of more knowledge and i dont mind working for it.

My PB list is nothing special and i certainly dont empty places - i guess i have had "normal" results but the search for red letter days drives me on but my enthusiasm outways my ability (or luck).

This drives me on to get out of bed and brave the rain, wind and cold - in search of the golden nugget.

I look forward to blogging and i am happy to share tips etc (even if it is via personal email).