Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Salford Quays blank

I have decided to give the Quays a go pike fishing until i go back to work in Jan

Dad and i tackled up with a 12ft pike rod deadbaiting, a 6ft spinning rod and a 9ft float rod with worm

predator fishing all angles covered - except the one that will catch - live bait

now i am not one to go against club rules but since Ordsall anglers gave up the fishing rights - i can now fish live bait - if indeed i can catch one

millions of perch in there but non to be found so i drowned dead sardines for 2 hours and no takes, but i did get something pecking away at my bait - i would have said it was crayfish except i know there is no crayfish in the quays, or is there?

Pike - 30lbers caught this year - a shut off venue - so if i seatch every inch at least they cant escape or can they?