Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WOW how time goes by

Well i havent blogged for 6 months - i think its time i started again

I had spent some months in the fishing wilderness - i am working away in Dusseldorf and this after suffering bad weather in the winter months - means very little fishing

I have also suffered from a confidence crisis - i dont seem to put many fish on the bank - well not in return for the effort

But i learnt a very valuable lesson recently - well two actually
1.) The more time on the bank does actually mean more fish
2.) Watercraft is better than the most expensive rods,reels

Let me explain

1.) I have met a few people lately on the water i am frequenting - without doing them a dis-service they are not martin bolwers - with limited kit, tactics etc but they fish it a lot, every day in fact - There catches are nothing short of awesome - one lad shown me a pic of his pike a 30plus
2.) There is another lad i talk to who again fishes it alot but has shared some of the secrets about where and how to fish it - i saw him get into two lumps in 10 mins while watching him. He has mastered this water!!!

So I finally - i took my grandson there for a 2hr session - we had no mags just worm,corn and bread - with the change in temp i knew it wasnt going to be easy - i blanked but he put a perch on the bank.

So with very little time 2-3hrs per week i will concentrate on 1 or 2 venues this season and see where we go.

Reports and pics hopefully will follow