Saturday, June 9, 2012

Local Little Gems

After a so-so session 2weeks back on Drinkies in the heat, where Dad managed some bits on mags, i had to get the spinning rod out to see some action and i lost both a jack and an eel??

But i was definately looking forward to some good action over the weeks leading to the start of the river season  - alas the rain.......
I have been working in UK this week and had hoped for a few hours on a local water but this rain had dwindled away all my optimism but i had to get out for a few hours before going back to Germany - initially i was looking at Sainsburys pond but then i came across Duchy ponds on Manchesterfishinfiends blog.

This water is less than 1 miles from Dads house and because i am not able to fish the match this Sunday on there for SFA i decided i would venture down with Dad and wet a line for a few hours,

Well we fished the smaller pond on the left - it seemed to hold less weed, Dad on maggott had a bite a chuck from perch and rudd, while i missed two quick bites on corn it was difficult as no decent fish were showing.

After a far few fish dad was going onto caster to try and temp a better stamp but his did not happen - then i had 3 fish using 3 different baits of a type i just was not expecting - baby tench!!!!!

Now in all my time fishing for tench the tiddlers are rarely ever caught - i think its because they often do not leave their sanctuary like there older brothers or sisters do....they seem to stay in and around silt or other similar feeding ground where natural feed can be picked off.

So 3 baby tench less than 6ozs was a real shock - i think maybe the peg i was fishing is their patch of the lake - non in 25years of tench fishing natural venues and then like buses 3 in a row......

we did not get into any lumps - best fish of the session was a 12oz skimmer to me but dad caught the most

i predict that even in this poor weather someone will have to get over 10lb to win tomorrows match....

i will definately be taking my grandson to this place that is for sure..