Saturday, November 26, 2011

the irwell blanks continue

Looks like i am not the only one blanking on the irwell after manchesterfishingfiend post on the tv blog.
But again 2 short sessions 1 behind the casino and the other behind the bbc saw me with no rewards - though there was fish showing behind the bbc.

Excellent morning and a nice pic was all i took from the 2hr session

As i can not show you any fish of late i thought a nice pic of one of my other passions "my grandkids" they do keep me away from the bank somewhat but one day in a few years maybe they will be getting up at 4am to accompany me on this great adventure

I tackle BBC again sunday for 3 hours - just hope my luck changes

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

irwell - frustrating or fantastic

The million dollar question

I have not had much time to fish this month so i have tried 3 1-2hour sessions from Ordsall to Mcr Centre - i have targeted a 200yrd stretch and tried several swims

So far no sign of fish, maggot, bread, worms etc - float, feeder - still no joy.....

Me and dad have tried unrewarded - even today with lovely Nov weather - no topping fish nothing,

while i do know the fish are still elsewhere in the stretch around the Quays i still though the odd chub or trout would have obliged,

I will keep trying - this will be my Winter water - hell or high water i will try and catch