Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 Highs & Lows

2012 can best be described as a local water learning curve.....

it came from the Irwell
River Irwell

High - definately Dads Sea Trout, truly unexpected and magnificent catch, only bite of the session, on worm,

Low - too many blanks and not enough watercraft.

2013 Target - 10lb+ pike and 3lb+ chub.

Old River Irlam

2lb perch on prawn
Taken on live bait 14lb

Highs - 14lb pike, 2lb perch on prawn, and my grandson catching his first pike

Lows - after deciding to take piking more seriously and kitting myself out with all the right safety tackle including the Bob Roberts discorger, my last pike of the year swallowed the bait including both hooks (back a treble and front a single) and it was so deep in the stomach i couldnt remove them, the bite was struck into in less than 10 second, so be warned, i now use singles and never hook baitfish in the mouth


2013 Target - 2lb+ perch and eel.

Other Highs

Broads Bream in June,4lbers and some good roach.

Duchy Ponds, little gems,
How many baby tench have you caught, i had 3 in 3 casts, never had any before!!!

Salford Quays - many blanks for me and only a few perch for dad.
Drinkies - made a mess of my first ever sessions, and missed some bites on worm that could have been decent tench or bream, only 1 tench for lots of effort over numerous sessions.