Monday, March 1, 2010

Always what you dont expect

After several weeks of go/no go fishing restricted by the weather, work and the family i finaly got a few hours to wet a line.

After reading about a Brook on blogsites and my dad's desire to get on the silvers i have been dabbling the odd hour on this venue trying to no avail to learn its secrets - not once finding its decent roach!!!

I persuaded my dad to give it a few hours and after giving a few swims a go and missing a few very quick bites we ended at the golf course swims deciding to turn back and have a go nearer the car.

In the last 40 mins i was trotting bread flake - and whack i was into a fish..... a lovely trout at just under 1.5lb.

At the next swim i had a hectic 15 mins - hit a bite and lost a trout , second bite into a nice fish and hook length gave way (only 1.5lb), third bite (and could have been the same fish ) and i was in, another nice trout a little bigger this time at just over 1.5lb - got my dad to show it off!!!!.

a great half hour made up for the difficult few hours of unsuccessful roach hunting....
where are those 1lb plus roach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be back (as the saying goes)