Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tenching at Birkacre

Again words of wisdom from manchesterfishingfiend had me onto this water and deliberating a season ticket on Wigan AA.

I had a look at the venue on the Saturday and a few tench and bream had been coming out - a bit of internet reseach and a recce got me onto the hot pegs and back i went with my kit and dad on the Monday morning.

We got the flyer peg and dad and i set up a feeder rod each and shared the peg - dad on bread crumb/groundbait with worm/corn on the hook - i started on a large method with scalded pellet and a 22mm pellet on the hook.

Dad had a bit of activity - and finally was into a roach about 6-8 oz - he also missed a few bites and lost one playing it in - but all these were either silvers or the smaller bream - the guys either side had bream - one to 5lb and a tench a similar size.

Me well in the 4 hrs i have a few twitches and 3 bites - i didnt have to hit these they were arm wrenchers - they only came when i changed down the size of the method feeder and put corn on a hair rig - i think the scalded halibuts really got the tench searching around and definatley outscored the different groundbaits that were being used around me.

3 cracking fish and i am hooked on the place - i may still buy a season ticket if i can find the time to give the Wigan waters at least one visit a week - work is hectic at present.
The other angler couldnt believe i had to pack up and get home while i was in the middle of a purple patch - but family life eh? its a balance and sometimes its doesnt favour the brave....

The largest and last one at 6lb 6oz

the middle one at 5.2

the first estimated at 5.5

slivers on Kingfisher

After a bit of research, a history lesson from Sam and help from Mike (manchesterfishingfiend) i decided i would take my dad and give it a go.
After a good mile walk from the car park to the water i was hopeful of some good action - my dad on the float and i was on a maggot feeder.
My dad was straight into a roach of about 3oz followed by a few bites - i had one on the feeder and missed a good rench round (from a roach???),
all in all a good 2 hours a few fish on the bank and my dad was happy - except for the walk back up the hill,
he was knackered!!!
until next post - my session at Birkacre