Monday, January 25, 2010

Bad Venue choice hampers results

We have all done it - gone against our instincts - but me - i did it twice.
first time on 17th -after the initial thaw - i went to the river irwell - didnt want to get to the lake and find it still iced-over.
what a mistake - it was chocolate brown and racing through - looked up a few foot as well.
one deadbait and one spinning rod didnt bring anything - i was even trying monster sized jigs is bright colours - as in the pic

then on the 24th my dad wanted to catch a few silvers - and wanted to be next to the car - as we were only going for 2hrs or so we went to the local canal.
normally good for a few skimmers and a decent 3lber or so especially on bread - but nothing - even the pike deadbait and spinning rod drew a blank.
it also felt colder than during the big freeze!!!
So lesson here is 1 hour in the right place better than 1 day in the wrong place oh and dont be lazy and take the easy option.

Monday, January 4, 2010

piking over Xmas

With the weather so bad over Xmas i like many others had to accept reduced hours on the bank - i probably wouldnt have gone at all if i hadnt promised my mate Geoff who is posted in Afghan a Xmas cracker of the pike kind.
The first venture out was on the 27th - got to Blackleach res only to find it iced over solid - there wasnt even a hole i could wet a line.

1st - decided to play safe and go to a local river - Irwell behind clifton marina - spent 1.5hrs in minus 4 with my dad - 1 rod spinning the other float fish deads - in this weather 1 rod each is enough if we are to try and hit a fish and go!!! alas nothing

3rd - Irwell behind Adelphi Weir - same tactics, same duration - thought it might be safe from being attacked as no-one but the foolhardy would be out in minus 2 degrees, within 10mins i had a hit on a rapala shad - a good fight led to this nice 7lb ish fish.

One for you Geoff.