Monday, November 16, 2009

Canal Piking Part3

I have targeted the swim i took the 9lber from with a view of assessing the number of fish that may frequent this area.

First session was on Nov5th - i took my grandson and we did 2.5hrs - 2 rods with deads on fished close to the overhanding bushes on the far side and 1 spinning rod with a selection of plastic lures/spoons.

It rained like hell - blank.

Sat 7th - went to the same stretch but couldnt get the peg - someone else was in it spinning - tried 2 hrs in the rain same tactics and nothing....

Went back on the Sunday and put in about 20 bits of fish over two spots.

Sun 15th - went to the target spot again with same tactics - it was a clear and bright morning - expectation was high.
2.5hrs later - nothing

I read an article on PACGB website by a well known piker Dave Horton who wrote when it rained he didnt go out anymore - this was after years of evidence that results declined during hard rain.

Looking at my own results in this situation over the years i tend to agree.
In this stretch the results are not good - even with a bit of pre-baiting - which suggests there are pike but few and far between - there is a fair bit of pressure on the stretch so i think that has taken its toll - even my banker swim didnt come up with the goods.

I will now try the same exercise on the the river and a local pit - see if the results are any better.